Degree Worksheets

2 minute read

Path@Penn worksheets have a variety of known issues, see below

CIS Waitlist

5 minute read

Each department has their own way of handling Permission Requests; this article is just for CIS/CIT/NETS courses.

Skipping CIS 1100formerly CIS 110

5 minute read

So you already know how to program: can you skip CIS 1100formerly CIS 110 and go straight to CIS 1200formerly CIS 120? If you have the appropriate AP exam sc...

Sample schedules

2 minute read

To help you with planning your courses each semester, we’ve put together two sample schedules for the CSCI degree. These sample schedules assume no incoming ...

Course registration tips

2 minute read

This article discusses some CIS-specific tips for Advance and Regular Registration. For an overview of registering for courses at Penn, see this helpful page...

First semester classes

8 minute read

This article discusses how to decide which classes to take as a CIS freshman. For an overview of the mechanics and deadlines of registering for classes, see ...

Advice for curriculum-deferred students

3 minute read

If you are not sure yet what kind of career you’d like to pursue, being curriculum-deferred (CD) is a great opportunity to try different things and to get mo...