Degree Worksheets

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Path@Penn worksheets have a variety of known issues, see below

Technical Electives

This article outlines the underlying motivation and rules for the Technical Electives section of the 37CU CSCI degree requirements.

CIS 4100/4110 Senior Thesis

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The goal of a Senior Thesis project (CIS 4100formerly CIS 410/4110formerly CIS 411) is to complete a major research project under the supervision of a facult...


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A minor is a set of related courses from a particular area. Most minors require six CUs, but a few require more. Once you complete the minor, by taking and p...

Satisfying degree requirements

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Please read this article fully! If your answer isn’t covered here, ask your undergraduate coordinator (Desirae, Laura or Amy). You can find their contact inf...


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A degree concentration is a set of 4-6 related courses that you can use to specialize in a particular area. It is somewhat similar to a minor, except that th...