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Starting Fall 2022, LAWM 5060: Technology, Law & Ethics is an option for satisfying the Engineering Ethics requirement for CSCI, ASCS, NETS and CMPE majors. Because LAWM 5060 is offered by the Law School, there are a few things that work differently from SAS/SEAS/Wharton courses.

Register for the right section

Only one particular section of LAWM 5060 will satisfy the Engineering Ethics requirement. Check the course description on Path@Penn to see which is the correct one.

How to register

Please submit a Permission Request on Path@Penn. SEAS students cannot register directly during Advance Registration or Regular Registration.

Different academic calendar

For Fall 2022, LAWM 5060 operates on the general Penn Academic Calendar, but with a different Drop deadline of 13 September.

No Pass/Fail

While other Engineering Ethics courses can be taken Pass/Fail, the Law School does not allow Pass/Fail grading, so you have to take LAWM 5060 for a grade.

Credit Hours vs Credit Units

Penn Law courses use credit hours instead of the credit unit system used by the rest of Penn courses. A standard Law School course (like LAWM 5060) is 3 credit hours, which is equivalent to 1 credit unit.