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Who is my undergraduate chair?

Often we abbreviate Undergraduate Curriculum Chair as just Undergraduate Chair. If you are in CIS, NETS, or DMD, your Undergraduate Curriculum Chair is Joe Devietti (not to be confused with the CIS Department Chair Zack Ives). If you are in CMPE, your Undergraduate Curriculum Chair is Firooz Aflatouni from the ESE Department.

If you are in another department, check your department’s web pages to see who your Undergraduate Curriculum Chair is.

Should I make an appointment?

You are always welcome to talk with your undergraduate chair! However, while there are lots of forms that require approval or a signature from your undergraduate chair, if you have no questions about your request you don’t need to make an appointment. Common requests that don’t need an appointment include late adds/drops, withdrawing from a course, switching to part-time status, applying for a second major or minor in CIS, switching majors into or out of CIS, or applying for an independent study. Note that many of these represent significant academic events, and you’ll certainly want to speak with your academic advisor or the CIS Advising staff about how this impacts your academic plan. After you’ve talked to someone, getting the form approved doesn’t require a separate appointment with the undergraduate chair.

  • For the university-level or CIS department-level online forms, you can simply submit them and they will be routed through the appropriate approval process, including the CIS Undergraduate Chair.

  • If you have a PDF or paper form that needs a CIS Undergraduate Chair signature, after you have obtained the other required signatures you can drop the form off with the CIS Advising staff who are generally available during normal business hours. They’ll get it to the CIS Undergraduate Chair for you.

How do I make an appointment?

You can book an appointment with Joe via his Google Calendar. His office is Levine 572: take the Levine elevator to the fifth floor, go down the ramp to the right of the restrooms, and make the 2nd right. Joe’s office will then be the second office on your left.

If this is a true emergency (e.g., your graduation is in jeopardy) and you absolutely can’t wait until the next available slot, please speak with the the CIS Advising staff immediately via appointment or walk-in hours, and they will try to find a solution.